Rubber Extrusion Profiles India

Fusion Polymers is one of the leading rubber extrusion profiles manufacturers in the country. We have been making high-quality coextrusion rubber profiles from a long time for a large number of companies. Our coextrusion profiles in India are used in several different types of industries as they serve many purposes. We have been supplying a variety of products to many industries, including aerospace, transportation, food processing, electronics, healthcare, construction and many more. A few of the topmost extruded rubber profiles and tubing that we make are sealing strips, angel extrusions, refrigerator seals, solid strips and cord and many more.

More About Coextrusion Rubber Profiles

Rubber extruded profiles are manufactured using many high-grade, commercially certified materials including Silicone, MIL, SBR, EPDM, Nitrile, SAE etc. Rubber extrusions and coextrusion rubber profiles are run through an extruder or extrusion machine. They are then moved through to get the significant cross sections. Some of the most popular uses of the rubber extrusion profiles include windshields, vehicles, window panes, boats, commercial places, doors and many more. They have several applications in both residential and commercial places.

Reasons to Buy Coextrusion Profiles India from Fusion Polymers

Fusion Polymers makes good quality coextrusion profiles in India like rubber edge trims, extruded rubber tubbing, locking gaskets, rubber seals and many other tools and accessories. Most of the rubber extrusion profiles that we manufacture are used for seal and trim installation. They are used extensively because of their many reasons, including:

Many Varieties of Rubber Products

One of the top reasons that make us a favorite of our clients is that we offer a wide range of products to the clients. Our clients can have various needs related to rubber extrusion profiles. We make products in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the industries. We can even cater to the customization requirements of the clients.


Fusion Polymers makes strong coextrusion profiles India. They are capable of withstanding tough conditions, including weather and climatic conditions. The seals are very reliable and durable. Therefore, they are used extensively for various sealing needs. The main reason that makes our products so strong and reliable is the fact that we use verified material. The raw material used to make the products gives ultimate strength to the product.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to know more about rubber extrusion profiles and coextrusion profiles in India.