TPE / TPV Profiles

Product Introduction

Thermoplastic Elastomer Profiles is a New Product from Fusion Polymer Industries , Which is a TPE material that processes like a thermoplastics, but has the physical properties of a thermosetting rubber. Besides conventional vulcanized rubber, it delivers superior properties to make replacement application of rubber and soft plastic in the sense of processing and end uses.

TPE stands for "thermoplastic elastomer". This product family consists out of different formulations which are elastic but with temperature increase become fluid and thus processable like thermoplastic.

They comprise the easy processability of thermoplastics with essential properties of rubber.

TPE DetailThe TPE product line is differentiated in 3 segments:

  • 1. TPE-S: SBS and SEBS, also sponge SEBS
  • 2. TPE-V: EPDM/PP a physical blend of thermo set EPDM rubber with Polypropylene


  • Due to their mechanic and physical properties they have a broad application field.
  • Architecture application
  • Automobile industries
  • Food and Pharmatical industries


  • Low density
  • Hardness's from 40 Sh A to 80 Sh A
  • Weldable
  • Recyclable
  • Adhesive backing possible
  • Extensive colours possible
  • Large variety of existing die's


  • Cost / Performance
  • Design Flexibility
  • Weight Reduction
  • Wide Service Temp. Range
  • Ease Of Processing
  • Recyclability
Markets Application


- Instrument panel, body seal for window and doors, In/Out

door belt , Air bag cover, Air intake hose, Air duct, lamp

Packing, Weather stripping, Rack & pinion boot, bushing,



- Pump gaskets, Supports, Boots, Hose connector, Plugs



- Molded connectors, Power transmission, Control cable,

limited circuit cable, Coiled cords, Flexible cords

Building & Construction

- Window gaskets, Expansion joint, Door weather strip,

Glazing gaskets, Roofing sheet, Bulb seals


- Fluid delivery, Food contact, Medical devices, Sporting goods

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