TPV Tubes Manufacturers India

Fusion Polymers is one of the prime TPV tubes manufacturers. We have the capability to manufacture a high volume of good quality TPV and TPE profiles. The profiles are made by the process of co-extrusion with distinct strengths and colors. They are manufactured in amalgamation with foam TPE. Thermoplastic Vulcanizates, which is popularly known as TPV is a part of the TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer group of polymers. TPV is considered a highly preferred material because of a plenty of reasons. They have the elastomeric characteristics similar to EPDM thermoset rubber. Also, the material has the properties of the vulcanized rubber. However, TPV is used widely because it contains the processing characteristics of thermoplastics.

Top Features of TPV Profile Manufacturers

  • We make TPV Profiles and TPE Profiles in different diameters.
  • The TPV and TPE profiles have different operating temperatures
  • They have different colors.
  • Some of the profiles even have the stretch prevention cord
  • They are sturdy and have many applications.

Profiles manufactured by Fusion Polymers, one of the leading TPV profiles manufacturers are used in a wide variety of different industries. They have several applications. A few of the industries where TPE and TPV profiles are used include, automobiles industry, building and construction industry, Engineering industries and many more.

Here’re a few of the best reasons to buy TPE and TPV profiles and tubes from Fusion Polymers, one of the top-class TPV tubes manufacturers:

Excellent Quality

One of the most prominent reasons of buying TPV profiles and tubes from us is that our products are high on quality. The products are manufactured using the best quality raw material; therefore, the overall quality of the end result is also excellent. Our prime focus is on providing exceptional products to the clients that last long so that the clients are able to get the maximum benefits from the products.

High-End Technology

Fusion Polymers uses cutting-edge technology to make the TPV profiles. We are considered as one of the leading TPV tubes manufacturers because we use the latest techniques and tools to make the tubes and profiles. We keep upgrading our manufacturing unit to efficiently make TPV profiles and tubes for our clients. Our team of experts researches the industry and implements the most efficient plans to manufacture products at quick pace.

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